Personalized Medicine

At Executive Health Centre we are recognized global experts in this new field of medicine. We will show you how to protect your DNA, boost your health physically and mentally, and improve your quality of life. This is truly preventive care. It focuses on preventing you from getting sick rather than treating you after you get sick. It is also called personalized medicine, because when it comes to that ounce of prevention, one size fits one. Ten years ago, preventive medicine represented only a tiny part of the healthcare system, and personalized medicine was pretty much a dream. Today, both are respected, real and growing in influence.


About Personalized Medicine, Dr. Elaine Chin, Founder, Executive Health Centre

At Executive Health Centre we help people take charge of their health to live a long and healthy life. We bring a high touch, personalized and preventative approach with leading edge testing, proven science, and a holistic health action plan to ensure that you will live a healthier and longer life.

Putting New Scientific Discoveries to Work for You

“I’ve spent half of my 25-year career as a doctor working to prevent our clients from becoming ill. We will test your genetics and measure your lifestyle, nutrient and hormonal biomarkers to assess how your body is “ticking.” We then figure out how we can modify your lifestyles and adjust your diet, supplements, hormones, and medications to reduce the risk of disease. It sounds like a lot to take in at once, but you’ll be amazed at how it can be done with small grdual changes which will lead to big improvements in your health .”

Elaine Chin, M.D.

What Sets Us Apart


The Peak Health Program

The Peak Health Program focuses on assessing disease risk (cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer), and managing hormone balance and critical nutrient levels to support overall health and wellness.
Having this set of metrics will allow us as a medical doctor and naturopathic doctor team to advise you on your health status and coach you towards a healthier you. You’ll perform at your peak ability, physically and mentally. We will support you with concierge services and health administrative support… and coach you toward a healthier you. You will perform at your peak ability, physically and mentally.

Pricing dependent on program design and follow on options.

Principles of our program design

We acknowledge that most of us are born with some worrisome family medical history – in other words, bad genes. And we could improve on our health habits too. But all too often poor lifestyle choices go unchanged because we think that genetics determine our risk of disease development.
However, scientific research has shown that over 50% of our genetic makeup can be modified by our environment. By improving our lifestyle habits we will change our metabolism which will not only reduce our risk for disease but can also increase our physical and mental stamina. This is what we can work on together.


Additional Insights

Executive Health Centre hosts Nobel Laureate Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn in Toronto, Canada

Nobel prize winning science supports our claim

Not everyone is a believer. Some ask us: What evidence do you have that preventive care really works? Can you prove that your recommendations actually prevent disease and help people live longer? Our answer is a resounding yes. The supportive proof is the Nobel Prize–winning research into a field that simply didn’t exist a generation ago: telomere biology. This area of work was so significant that in 2009 the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded jointly to three scientists, Drs. Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Greider, and Jack Szostak, for discovering how telomeres protect our chromosomes and identifying the importance of the enzyme telomerase in this process.

Telomere Science Has Come of Age.

Your telomeres are your DNA ‘lifelines’. As they shorten over time due to the biological effects of glycation, oxidation, inflammation,hormonal imbalance and mental stressors, your risk of developing disease increases. We can take preventive steps to stop premature telomere shortening from happening.

Weight Loss that Stays Lost.

No other weight loss solution is so specifically tailored to you. We combine the knowledge of your lifestyle (through your activity monitor) and its impact on your nutrition and hormones to customize and coach you through a program that will alter your metabolism toward a healthier you.

Declining hormones. It’s only a life phase.

We recognize hormone levels decline with age but we’re not here to stop your biological clock because it simply can’t be done. With a more proactive approach to keeping all your hormones in good balance, we can minimize the side effects of lower hormone levels to give you more energy, improved mental acuity and libido.

Let’s start your Peak Health Program

We begin your program with a consultation, in person or by phone. We’ll ask you questions about your health concerns, present status and personal goals – something perhaps your doctor has never asked you to think about before. We will customize your health program, which may include additional testing beyond our core testing protocol based on this initial assessment.
Once we agree on the details of your Peak Health Program, we will set up your diagnostic appointment at our clinic. When your results are in, we will sit down together, as a physician and naturopathic team, to review your Health Scorecard and create your personal Health Action Plan. Depending on the follow on process you select, we will retest your metrics as required, and adjust your health plan to resolve your concerns, address issues and support you to achieve your health goals.

How your initial 3 month Peak Health Program works

Initial Consultation with Dr. Elaine Chin – 45 minutes either in person or on the phone.
Diagnostic testing appointment at our clinic(1.5 hours)
Strategy Review Session #1 – 1.5 hour appointment to review Health Scorecard and develop your Health Action Plan.
Follow up diagnostics as requires
Strategy Review Session #2 – 45 minute appointment to review follow up diagnostic results and fine tune your Health Action Plan including your follow on program
Optional Year Round Care – End of 3 month program and option at this point to enrol in year round care.
Quarterly follow up blood work – for clients who signed up for year round care
Review appointment – to discuss quarterly blood work results
Renewal of program – at the anniversary of enrollment

You deserve our expert focus

Our Executive Health Centre team is a recognized for its visionary work in personalized, preventative health care. Elaine Chin, MD formed the first medical and naturopathic doctor integrated health clinic in 1997. Together with Shelley Burns, ND, their combined expertise using this innovative model is unmatched in North America and combines the best in seamless medical and naturopathic care. They draw on eastern and western methodologies in developing holistic treatment strategies focused on individual needs and desired outcomes. They have been heralded for introducing a more positive and effective approach to personalized medicine.

CHIN_siteDr. Elaine Chin helps people take charge of their health to live a long and healthy life. She brings a high touch, personalized and preventative approach with leading edge testing, proven science, and a holistic health action plan to ensure everyone lives their lives healthier and longer. Founder of Executive Health Centre, a premiere executive health clinic in Toronto, Dr. Chin is a pioneer in developing an individualized preventive healthcare model. She works with senior executives and corporations to ensure peak health will lead to peak performance in the workplace. As consultant for TELUS Communications, in the role of Chief Wellness Officer, Dr. Chin’s primary focus has been to develop and promote innovative health and wellness programs and incentives for the TELUS team and Canadians that encourage lasting healthier lifestyles. 

Dr. Chin is a medical content specialist for the Rogers Media group.  She is a contributor to Macleans magazine’s “How Healthy Are You?” series, a blogger for Canadian Business magazine, contributor to CityTV Toronto and also a member of Chatelaine magazine’s Health Advisory Board. She is a sought after health expert to The Globe and Mail, Macleans and has appeared in interviews and documentaries on CNN International, CBC Newsworld and CTV. Dr. Chin has addressed physician and healthcare industry conferences in the United States and Europe on the clinical model for individualized preventive healthcare.  In addition, Dr. Chin is a frequent speaker on executive health as a strategic tool in improving workplace productivity and protecting human capital.  She has lectured at the Rotman School of Management on integrating prevention-driven models into corporate human resources practice. Presently, she is an adjunct professor at York University’s Faculty of Health in Toronto, Canada. Early in her career, Dr. Chin was the Medical Director at Nesbitt Burns/Bank of Montreal (1994-1997), where she led reviews of Executive Health, Wellness Programs and Benefits in Canadian and US operations.  She initiated her own health and wellness businesses, which included an interest in the Gimbel Eye Centre, Toronto, consulting for TLC-The Laser Centre then establishing the first “Medical Spa” in Toronto, The Beresford Clinic, founder of a medical skincare line “Biophora” and a partner of Vivacare Health – the first online pharmacy in Canada which was sold to Rexall Canada. Dr. Chin began her career practicing family medicine in Toronto. She is on staff at Trillium Health Partners, Toronto, and University Health Network, Toronto.  She has served on the Trillium Health Centre Hospital and Foundation Boards. A graduate of The University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine in 1988, she completed her internship at the Toronto General Hospital. In 1994, she earned her MBA at the University of Toronto.


Shelley Burns, N.D., B.A

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Shelley Burns, a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, is Health Services Director for Scienta Health (now Executive Health Centre). A Naturopathic Doctor functions as the “general practitioner” of complementary therapies. Dr. Burns works alongside Health physicians, consulting as a team, to offer the best advice from medical, naturopathic and nutrition worlds. She also plays a key role in ongoing development of the unique range of supplements available under the Health Peak brand and based upon clinical research. Dr. Burns completed the four-year program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, where she was received the NaturoMedic Award for proficiency in Naturopathic Medicine. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Philosophy from Wilfred Laurier University and certification in Complementary and Integrative Medicine from the Harvard Medical School. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors as Chair, and on the Government Affairs and Financial Committees. Dr. Burns has taught the Phytotherapy Program in the areas of Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Specialties in Phytotherapy, Physical Examination and Differential Diagnosis at Mohawk-McMaster University. She is a guest lecturer at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in the area of Differential Diagnosis and supervises at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic. She is a columnist for the US publication – Skin Deep Magazine. Dr. Burns has been quoted in Maclean’s magazine, The Toronto Star, Fashion Magazine, Alternative Medicine Magazine, The Medical Post and has appeared in interviews on CTV.

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Dale Curd, B.A. (Hons), Poli-Sci, Psych

Counselor, Men’s Issues Expert, Coach

Dale Curd’s Website Dale Curd is a Psychotherapist specializing in Individual, Family and Group Psychotherapy in his private Toronto practice, and is one of North America’s leading authorities on mens’ mental and emotional health. He is highly regarded for his pragmatic, empathetic approaches to understanding and affecting sustainable healthy change in human behaviour. “I believe inside we all possess a wealth of strength and resources waiting to be released to help us function at higher levels than we can imagine,” says Dale. “My job is to help you find yours.” A sought after guest expert, Dale is the co-host of the Life Story Project on the Oprah Winfrey Network; and of GuyTalk on Toronto’s Newstalk 1010. Dale is also Director of The Men’s Program, a network of emotional support groups for men. In 2012, he co-founded Changebullying, an experiential workshop for students to reduce the frequency and severity of bullying in schools. Learn more about Dale and the great work he does at

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Mary L.S. Vachon, PhD, RN


Mary Vachon is a psychotherapist, nurse, clinical sociologist, researcher, educator and cancer survivor who believes one can grow through adversity. In her private psychotherapy practice, she helps people cope with the emotional crisis of cancer, loss and grief, and other stressful life events. Her work in oncology, palliative and supportive care has been recognized provincially and internationally: she has been awarded the Mara Morgenson Flaherty Lectureship of the Oncology Nursing Society for Excellence in Psychosocial Oncology; the Dorothy Ley Award for Excellence in Palliative Care; the National (US) Hospice and Palliative Care Organization’s 2001 Distinguished Researcher Award; and the 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Journal of Palliative Nursing. Mary’s expertise has taken her around the world giving over 1,600 lectures, and she has been published extensively. She is also a co-founder of Wellspring, where she continues to serve as a Clinical Consultant As an educator, Mary holds two appointments at the University of Toronto as Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Adjunct Professor of the Dalla Lana School of Public Health.

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Dr. Carmine Filice, D.C., CSCS

Performance Therapist

The Performance Lab Dr. Carmine Filice is a performance therapist, Masters Active Release Technique Provider, chiropractor, and certified strength and conditioning specialist. He is also a graduate of the Harvard Medical School Structural Acupuncture Certificate program. Carmine has traveled the globe working and training with the best specialists in their fields, and is highly recognized for his extraordinary expertise in helping the recovery and regeneration of peak performing athletes. He works with many complex cases, and has treated Olympians, World Champions and professional athletes from the worlds of major league baseball, soccer, hockey (MLB, MLS, NHL) and the elite levels of volleyball (AVP) and martial arts (the UFC). Carmine’s unique approach separates him from other therapists as he uses functional testing along with the most advanced technology and training methods to diagnose and treat his clients. In Toronto, Carmine founded The Performance Lab, a sports science and rehab-based performance centre treating athletes of all levels, from weekend warriors to MVPs.

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John Welsh, R.M.T.

Registered Massage Therapist

Mobility Therapeutic MassageWith over 15 years in practice as a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), John has treated a wide range of clientele, from elite athletes (even travelling with them to provide treatment during events) to senior executives.John specializes in preventive care, helping clients reduce stress hormones, prevent sports injuries (and enhance recovery from injuries) and to maintain overall health. His goal is to provide the highest level of care to maximize your quality of well-being. A unique feature of John’s practice in the Greater Toronto Area is that he brings the treatment to you: he treats you in the comfort and convenience of your own home or workplace.

Your Wellness is in Our Hands

To learn more about John’s expertise and personal service, visit

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Dr. Stephanie Canestraro, BHSc., DC

Chiropractic, ART

Stephanie Canestraro is a Chiropractic Doctor and Functional Integrated Therapist (FIT™). Working with everyone from those in the general public to elite athletes and top executives, Stephanie is passionate about health, not absence of disease, and is dedicated to integrated care to treat the whole person. Stephanie practices with the top practitioners in her field and is a head instructor of the Biomedical Dry Needling courses, Performance Taping, and Fascial Abrasion courses led by Dr. Mark Scappaticci and Dr. Ma. A strong believer in constant learning, Stephanie is presently enrolled in a Masters in Functional Medicine.     Athlete’s Care

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Dr. Greg Gannon, PhD, MSc, BSc, HBOR

Scientist and Coach

S2 Training Systems An adventurer at heart, Dr. Gannon has over 25 years of experience as a highly regarded speaker, consultant, educator, scientist and coach in the field of sport and human performance. Greg’s experience includes national & international coaching and applied sport science service, a decade of senior leadership roles within Canada’s Olympic Sport Institutes, a broad academic background of teaching and research at multiple universities and research institutions, and over 25 years of helping individuals achieve better fitness and sport performance. More on Greg Gannon at